4 What You Say

Comments received 5th September


5 thoughts on “4 What You Say

  1. Steph Cox

    Wish I lived in Bridport!!! or even Dorset!!!

  2. Paul & Barbara

    Bloody impressive site. Makes the mainland look as though it’s worth visiting!!

  3. montycrook

    “Just to say Great Dance last night with superb playing from ECD and Jane Thomas’s calling.
    She is really now up there with the best in the country and even would knock spots off some US
    ones. Good crowd of dancers too who just got on with it whatever the style Contra/English /Squares etc.

    You both should be proud that Your Ceilidhs are fast becoming a real centre of excellence.

    Have a great New Year etc. Jenny & Ian”

    Received by email (Jan 3rd 2015)

  4. montycrook

    “Hi Monty, What a wonderful evening we had with a superb atmosphere. What a generous surprise to receive freebees for a future dance. We have even looked up your website which is so clear and easy to use. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Bridport is not as far away as we thought……….. Happy dancing, Liz and Bob.”

    Received by email (Jan 3rd 2015)

  5. montycrook

    “It’s a great feeling when everything clicks and we all get swept along with the excitement of the dance. I thought it was the dance of the Christmas season…….. and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Let’s hope there are many more to come in 2015.”

    Received by email (Jan 3rd 2015)

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