3.2 Future Events & Band Links

Very pleased to have completed our full programme for 2019. This page now contains details for the rest of this year, plus next year’s.  At the bottom of each programme, links are given to those bands and callers who have websites. Links will also be entered on the ‘Past Events’ page. There is also a pdf file you can download for a copy of the programme.

pdf file for 2018-9 programme here:       Programme 2018 – 2019

Use links below for contacting 2018 bands.

                    GIG CB ! (George Inn Giant Ceilidh Band):    gigcb3.wixsite.com  

           Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews:          www.dougandsarahduo.wordpress.com

           English Contra Dance Band:    www.facebook.com/English-Contra-Dance-Band


         Oxford Nags:        www.oxfordnags.co.uk

         Pigs Might Fly:             www.pigsmightfly.info

    Stick the Fiddle:               www.stickthefiddle.co.uk

Up and Running: 


    Use links below for contacting 2019 bands.


    Skillicorne         skillicorne.co.uk

    Oxford Nags:            www.oxfordnags.co.uk

   Weston Country Dance  Band    www.westoncdb.co.uk

      Fresh Aire     www.freshairelive.co.uk

Chris Jewell       www.barndancecallerdevon.co.uk

 Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews     https://dougandsarahduo.wordpress.com



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