9 Links to Listings Websites

Folk Dance and Other Site Links:


AreYouDancing covers Swing, Ballroom, Latin, Jive and Folk dancing across the UK, together with international events. It is steadily expanding, so check for details near you and advertise your events for free.

Website:  www.areyoudancing.com

Bridport & West Bay Community Website:

Website:         www.bridportandwestbay.co.uk/

The local site for local events.


East Devon Hub:

Lists and promotes events in West Dorset, East & South Devon and Exeter.

Website: www.eastdevonhub.co.uk

English Ceilidh [Eceilidh]:

Register with eceilidh by sending a blank email to eceilidh-join@netservs.com to be able to send in events, and receive regular listings of events from Webfeet

Website:    http://www.cix.co.uk/~net-services/ec/

Flaxey Green:

On line site which lists musicians, callers, folk events, dances, festivals for Devon (and occasionally strays over the border); linked to What’s Afoot – see below.

For listings, see   www.flaxey-green.co.uk/Pages/Whats_On.html                 click on the calendar date to view.


Radio Solent:

The Radio Solent guide lists local events.

Website: www.bbc.co.uk/radiosolent

SAD Folk:


The Somerset and Dorset Folk Diary (or SaDFolk) is based around a weekly email service, listing ‘folk’ events in Somerset and Dorset. The term ‘event’ covers concerts, barn dances, sessions, workshops and any other folk related activity.

Set And Turn Single:


The Set and Turn Single web site contains listings of all the national dance events that we know about. We list dances in the “English” tradition which includes English country dance, “Playford” style dances, contra dances and ceilidhs.


Webfeet  – Dancing on the Web:

Webfeet is English CeilidhFolk DanceBarn-danceContraCajunFrench/BretonMorris

Index by CountyMapLinksEvents listings

Website:   http://www.webfeet.org/eceilidh/dates/


Publishes a local guide on-line and lists events for free.

Website:  www.wessexfm.com/contribute/gig-guide

What’s Afoot, Devon Folk:


Devon Folk is a voluntary, constituted body and is the only county-wide organisation promoting folk activities of all types (song, social dance, ritual dance, mumming etc.). Through a 4 – monthly publication “What’s Afoot” (December, April, and August) and this website, it provides contact details for clubs throughout the county and across the borders.

Where Can We Go?:


A nationwide What’s On event guide

Yahoo All Ceilidh Group:

allceilidh is an amalgamation of offtopic ceilidh and virtual ceilidh. This group follows the dictionary definition of ceilidh, being simply a gathering!

If you have something to say about folk music and dance, do it here. Everyone is welcome to speak, so if it’s remotely relevant to the folk scene, allceilidh look forward to hearing from you.

Receive allceilidh digest emails from allceilidh@yahoogroups.com


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