1.1 Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club

13th September 2020

The draw for the July/August prizes in the Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club took place on 10th September. Under current lockdown conditions the numbers were drawn as four individual selections using an online random number generator (Random.Org, http://www.random.org/quick-pick).

Numbers up to 225 were included with the exception of 12 ‘vacant’ memberships (42, 53, 57, 101, 109, 148, 178, 181, 204, 209, 210 and 221).

213 current members were thus eligible to participate, so the top prize was £106.50 (= 213/200 x £100).

184 Liz Hope Stafford £106.50 1st
201 Neil Bennion Bideford £53.25 2nd
208 Anne Eccleston Dorchester £26.63 3rd
‘021 Mary Smith Prenton £26.63 3rd
    Total £213.01  


Mary has kindly donated the prize, won in her late husband John’s name, to the Manor, for which many thanks.

The next draw, for September/October, will take place in late October.

The Club and members’ prize donations to the Manor have now totalled £7,790 since September 2014, and £6,580 have been given out in prizes in that period.

The club is still able to accept membership applications and anyone wishing to support Halsway Manor in this way may get an application form from the Bridport Ceilidhs website; from Halsway Manor (and its website); or by application to the treasurer.

Monty Crook

Treasurer, on 01308 423 442 and at monty3dayslate@yahoo.co.uk


Monty Crook


About the Club:

The Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club was established in 1989 to help support the activities of the Halsway Manor Society Ltd (HMS) which is a registered charity.

(picture courtesy Halsway Manor Society Ltd)

(picture courtesy Halsway Manor Society Ltd)

The Society needs income to maintain and improve the facilities of the lovely manor, dating from the 14th century, with its adjacent Mews accommodation and large surrounding gardens set in beautiful English countryside.

The manor is used by people of all ages to promote and sustain our most treasured heritage of music, dance and song. In addition, the library houses a wealth of folk music, dance and song history, which visitors are able to access.

Each annual subscription to the 200 Club of £12 results in £6 going to HMS for the upkeep of the manor, whilst giving subscribers the opportunity to win one of the four cash prizes (of, say, £100, £50, £25 & £25 – depending on membership level) in the bi-monthly draws.

The founders of the 200 Club were members of Guildford Folk Dancers Club; time and attrition took its toll, such that the remaining committee decided in 2013 to pass the baton on. By that time, the 200 Club had given out over 600 prizes and donated some £27,000 to the Halsway Manor Society.

(picture courtesy Halsway Manor Society Ltd)

(picture courtesy Halsway Manor Society Ltd)

A new committee was formed to take over of the running of the 200 Club in September 2014.

Membership has now being re-built, but new subscriptions* are still invited; to date, thirty-one prize draws (total sum £5506) have been run since the club’s re-inception, with further donations totalling  £6463 having been made to HMSL.

We are delighted to have the 200 Club now re-established and be able to continuue to support the Halsway Manor into the future.

* see below for a copy of the rules, and applications forms.

Keep an eye on this page and on Facebook for news of prize draws.

Ian Edlin                     Chairman

Mecki Testroet           Secretary

Monty Crook              Treasurer            monty3dayslate@yahoo.co.uk

Rosemary Shaw        Committee member



Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club Rules

1.    The name of the Club is:-   “Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club” (“The Club”).

2.    The object of “The Club” is to raise funds for Halsway Manor Society Ltd.

3.    Each participant must be over 16 years of age.

4.    “The Club” shall be administered by an Executive Committee consisting of four members of the 200 Club. (Two must be members of Halsway Manor Society Ltd). One committee member shall be elected Treasurer and be responsible for the keeping of accounts of “The Club”  and arranging payment of the prizes.

5.    The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final in any matter concerning “The Club” which requires adjudication.

6.    Participation in “The Club” shall be £12 per annum payable by Bankers Order or Cheque. A participant may hold more than one membership of “The Club”. Each membership will be allocated a Roll Number and a roll of membership will be maintained.

7.    Prizes

 i. A draw shall take place bi-monthly. There will be four prizes in each draw in the amounts of:

–  £100, £50, £25, & £25.

ii. If the membership of “The Club” is more or fewer than 200 the prizes will be adjusted, but the ratio of prize money to subscriptions shall not be affected. The value of the prizes will be determined by multiplying by the number of memberships at the time of the draw and dividing by 200.

iii. Prize winners will be notified in writing and payment will be made by cheque to the address shown on the application form or, to such address as the member may subsequently have advised.

iv. Results of each draw will be published on the website http://www.halswaymanor-ourfuture.org.uk. Results may also be obtained from the treasurer.  (Additionally, on Bridport Ceilidhs website and on Facebook.)

8.    “The Club” will be run on an annual basis commencing on 1st January but membership can be taken out at any time. Admission to the draw will commence in the month following receipt of the subscription.

9.     The accounts of “The Club” shall be examined annually.

Treasurer:- Mr. M.F. Crook.   Tel: 01308 423442     Email: monty3dayslate@yahoo.co.uk

Print* a copy of the forms below, by opening the link to the pdf file,  to make your application for membership and so contribute in the support of Halsway Manor Society Ltd.

PDF file:    Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club appl form & SO

*(Please ensure print format is in landscape not portrait to get a good sized print).

Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club appl form & SO






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